About US


Crafting Stars,
Nurturing Talent

Invictus Dancesport is a ballroom dance studio in Tucson, AZ where the art of learning to dance transcends the boundaries of age, ability and experience. Established in January 2024, we have emerged as the evolution of the renowned Ballroom Dance Schools Franchise Company with the unconquerable Licientium Dance. Together building an impressive track record, we’ve secured 5 UCWDC Points Championships, 3 UCWDC Worlds Couples Dance Championships, and 4 UCWDC ProAm Championships.

We believe in providing upfront, honest, and complete education without withholding skills as evasive rewards. What sets us apart is our journey – from non-dancer to world champion, instructor, and coach. Our core strengths lie in experience with perspective, ensuring our students receive unparalleled guidance on their dance lesson journey.

At Invictus, we believe in crafting a united dance community as warm as our weather. Our mission is to provide premier education for those seeking genuine skill development that are willing to invest time and effort. As producers of fine dance events, we are committed to fostering a safe, vibrant environment for all levels. Join Invictus Dancesport, where we invite you to leave the world of mediocrity and embrace the sport of dance.

Our Mission

At Invictus Dancesport, our mission is to offer premier dance classes, private lessons and social dances. We strive to empower lives by instilling confidence through accurate and entertaining training, encouraging freedom, fun, and promoting overall well-being.

Committed to transparency and expertise, we provide an environment where each step contributes to the achievement of dance clarity and therefore mastery and personal growth. Join us as we passionately pursue our mission, shaping a community with affordable adult group classes and dance socials. You’ll quickly find the art of dance becomes a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Our Vision

We envision becoming a guiding light of kinship in the world of dance classes, fostering a global community where individuals and couples, empowered through skill and passion, experience the transformative and enduring joy of dance mastery.

We see a future where our commitment to transparency, expertise, and community creates a ripple effect, inspiring countless lives to embrace the art of learning to dance as a pathway to self-discovery and personal fulfillment.